There’s something about the “wild mystique” of Wild Blueberries, which
sets them apart from other crops.

Maybe it’s because they only grow in one small corner of the World; where the temperatures reach as low as -35°C; where the land is wild and inaccessible; where the ground is too acidic for most plants to thrive.

Maybe it’s because they aren’t farmed in the conventional sense; the bushes
will only grow where nature takes them; they’re only harvested once every
two years; they are often still picked the traditional way - by hand!

Whatever the reasons, Wild Blueberries have an unspoilt natural
image, which is entirely in step with what consumers want from
their food.
The Wild Blueberry Year
At the mercy of the elements...
Responsible, sustainable farming...
Growing Wild Blueberries...
 A story of patience
 and endeavour...